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Saturday, September 22, 2018

draughting services is the trading name of self-employed draughtsman Peter King.

A brief history...
Peter left Chichester High School For Boys in 1976 and after a short sabatical started work for a local steelwork fabrication company, spending several years in the workshop and on site, learning a trade as a fabricator/welder. Moving into the drawing office as a trainee draughtsman he gained experience at the drawing board over several years and in 1982 he decided to set up his own business.

The early years were spent at the drawing board producing drawings by hand. By 1990 however, CAD systems were coming of age and became more affordable. Peter recalls "My first CAD station cost around 3500 and ran RoboCAD under MS DOS, frustratingly slowly. It would take an age to produce a drawing and output was on a pen plotter which was slow and noisy and the pens kept clogging up". Most projects were completed using a mixture of CAD and traditional drawing.

By the late nineties as more and more clients got up to speed with IT, creating drawings with CAD and transmitting them over the internet beacame the norm. Computer hardware started to become fast and reliable enough to make the drawing board redundant. "I've been producing drawings exclusively on CAD for nigh on 20 years now but I still can't bear to get rid of the drawing board - well, not just yet!"